Sunday, 24 May 2015

Music on Sunday, Eurovision 2015

Yesterday we all watched Eurovision and tweeted en masse about it! At least I did with a bunch of online friends. It was lovely! My favourites were Italy and Sweden and I'm happy Sweden won. He had a gorgeous stage performance.

What I don't like is the voting and the political voting mostly. It's not about your neighbours it's about the song I think! I do hope someday that will change! Same with people wanting to boycot Russia for it's politics while it's a song contest. The girl singing can't help that!

Anyway; here are some of my personal favourites;

and yes even Australia participated this year because of the 60 year celebration

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Daan (Dan) said...

funny, they were all my faves as well... :-)

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
For me, not Latvia; it was not awful but not a fave - I liked very much the Norwegian offering. The Russian song was also very good... actually, this year I felt for the first time that none of the songs was 'cringe-worthy' (even Britain's!); also for the first time there were a few breaking ranks on the voting. Yup. It was a great night &*> YAM xx

Kati H said...

Not so funny Daan! We do have a lot in common you and I ;)

Yam We do have a singer in the Netherlands who's genre is the same for years now as UK's entry and we all said we should have sent her until we heard UK of course! ;) That would've been awkward! I don't like those ballads too much so no Russia for me although she did have a lovely voice! :)

Daan (Dan) said...

really liked Russian song too {even though 'we ought to dislike them'...} and wasn't too sure about UK's entry... less awful than usual, but still... :-) {and i normally give them a massive benefit of doubt!!}