Sunday, 28 August 2016

Music on Sunday; Classical music for Summer

It's been very hot lately and hard to sleep in this heat. Hopefully it will cool next week. For this Sunday let's relax with some Classical Summer music; Have a nice Sunday.

This is one of my favourite pieces; I can see myself standing in an English field watching the lark while listening this;

© KH

Friday, 26 August 2016

Art on Friday; Catherine the Great

For some reason I've always had a fascination for not only the British History but Russian as well. In school I've made a paper about Peter the Great for History class and that whole history interests me. So I was quite happy to learn that there's an exhibit on Catherine the Great at the Hermitage in Amsterdam until Januari 15 2017. My holiday is coming soon so that will be one of the things I will want to be visiting.

Here are some paintings of and about Catherine the Great to get in the mood;


Catherine II in Her Coronation Robes, attributed to Vigilius Eriksen

Snuff box

Fedor Rokotov

Earring and tiara worn by Catherine the Great

Catherine the Great in traveling costume by Mikhail Shibanov

© KH

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Music on Sunday; Stargate Universe music

Like I said before I love good music to a good tv series especially when it's a favourite of mine like Stargate. I was rewatching Stargate Universe the other day and the music is beautifully chosen.
So today some of the music from the (too) short 2 season SGU. I like to look for vids with images of the series which are mostly fanvids, great ones too!

© KH

Friday, 19 August 2016

Art on Friday; Summer

Every Friday I posted art here once. I stopped for no reason other than that no one was reading that blog anyway and 'who was I posting it for'...(and the pics took up a lot of space as well saving them)  For myself that's why because I love it and miss it. So I want to bring back the art blog on Friday and hopefully people will start to like it too.

As you might know I adore Pre-raphaelite paintings so today I start with those and try to find paintings of Summer;

Edward Burne-Jones-Green Summer

John William Godward - Summer Flowers

Edward Burne-Jones-Summer

John William Waterhouse-Sweet Summer

Dante Gabriel Rossetti-The Bower Meadow

Dante Gabriel Rossetti-The Daydream

Lawrence Alma Tadema-Summer Offerings

© KH

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Ever since I've started working on myself all those years ago I thought I was on the right path. I diverted once in while but still I was doing great. I let myself be distracted often, I blame my adhd as well, or perhaps my menopause and all the things that come along with it, but still I was on the way to being Mindfull and causiously optimistic about that.

There have been times I've been down and very pessimistic about everything but all in all I always saw myself as a very happy optimistic person. But lately more and more I find myself shaking my head when I read something (today it was about a moon eclipse and how it would effect so many people ) and thinking what utter nonsense it is. Of course I still believe in the power of the Universe and that everything is connected but some overdo it.

In little things I notice it as well; every time one of my sons was taking a girl home I just knew if she would be gone soon or not and when they asked me afterwards what I'd think they already saw it on my face (sorry, my face can't lie) and every time I was right even though they said I wouldn't be.

At work meetings, I'm the one with the 'big mouth' who says the things everyone is thinking but no one is daring to say. I know they don't like it very much, but someone has to say it right?
If nothing else I am honest.
I always am prepared whenever we go away, when no one else think to take certain things with them, I have it. That's not being pessimistic, it's realistic.
I try to avoid drama at all costs, because drama consists mostly of people acting irrationally, and that irritates me to no end.
The 'I told you so' is on the tip of my tongue a lot... ;-)

On the other hand; me worrying so much sometimes isn't a realistic trade. Or wanting your life to have gone a certain way that it's not. So perhaps that too needs a little more work. I've come a long way and I'm certain that one day I will be there.

© KH