Monday, 31 October 2011

All Hallows Eve

It was All Hallows Eve
And she was all alone
Shadows surrounded her
One single candle burning
All around her 
Voices whispered
Or so she thought

At All Hallows Eve
Her senses were
So much more
Alert it seemed
Did she hear footsteps
Or was that her

O was All Hallows Eve
Already in the past
So she thought when suddenly
Something brushed by her skin
She cried out in fright
The voices buzzed in her head
Or did they?

On this All Hallows Eve
A young woman was 
Scared to her death 
And became as one
With the voices 
She didn't want to understand
Voices of her own past

© KH


Daan (Dan) said...

you are dark, woman...

Kati said...

I know. But only in writing, trust me. (or am I.. mwahahahaha) :D