Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Wednesday Wisdom; Diversity

It is Eurovision week again and this year's theme is diversity. Yesterday the first semi-final, thursday the second semi-final and on saturday the final. With all the European countries (and even non-European lately) joining they needed to do it like this.

Eurovision started in may 1956 with only 7 countries joining. It was meant to bring European countries together after the war. In the beginning the countries were only allowed to sing in their native language.
The end of the Cold War led to an increase of joining countries with the former Eastern Bloc queing up to sign in for competing. Now even Australia joined the party, meant as a one off but appearently they're here to stay. Australia have the biggest fans of Eurovision so it seems.
Nowadays with Social Media it's become more fun watching and commenting at the same time I think. It still is one crazy thing, but it's Eurovision, it's becoming more crazy each year!

© KH


Melody Steenkamp said...

Ik heb er nog niets van gezien, raar maar waar. Zelfs het nieuws eromheen ontgaat me helemaal .... dankzij manlief weet ik sinds gisteren wie er voor nl mee doen maar wat ze zingen, geen idee. We gaan het wel weer zien toch

Kati H said...

en het is zo leuk! Zeker met social media erbij maar daar doe jij niet meer aan ;)