Monday, 8 May 2017

Three things I am grateful for

The writer's blog has kicked in again so I'm searching for inspiring prompts. I have found some sites where different prompts are highlighted but not all are 'my cup of tea'. Perhaps because they are to sweet for my taste or 'it's a sign' I should work on those. Who knows, but for now, the one I'm picking today is:

Three things I am most grateful for:

1. My family. Perhaps a bit corny but each day I am more grateful for still having my mum (73). This also includes my dog (15) Age counts of course that's why I'm naming them first but it also includes my hub, kids and sis. I'm especially grateful for my sis who is always there for me.

2. The place which I call home. I love my home and garden with all the birds coming to visit every day. My birch tree, my fern, hydrangeas and all the other plants. I love my little corner in the world.

3. I may complain some days about my work (who doesn't) but I am very grateful to be able to go to my elderly people every day. They make the job worthwhile, they make each day a blessing.

So this is my top 3; what's yours?

© KH

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