Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Wednesday Wisdom; International Women's day, Mothers

On this International Women's day I want to think of all the mothers in the world and especially my own mother, mothers who have raised us, who have worried about us, who have put their own needs aside (especially in the 50/60/70s) to raise us into the women (and men) we are today. They couldn't work back then, because it wasn't possible or normal for a woman to work, a woman/mother was supposed to stay home and look after the kids. I loved having my mum around, don't get me wrong! But I can understand that perhaps she would have wanted to be able to work in those days too.
In the late 70s and early 80s she did, she started to work at elderly people at first, later she volunteered  in the hospital and much later she started to work in a parfume shop but that was after I already left to live on my own.

That's another thing; My mum got married at 21 which was normal in those days. I left home when I was 19, almost 20. My own kids still live at home age 23 and 20 and they don't even think about leaving home yet! Why would they? Mum is taking care of everything isn't she!?

Have we pampered our kids too much? Or is it just that times have changed? Or that my kids are boys and they are different from girls after all.

Mothers all over the world for years have been an underestimated, under-appreciated and undervalued part of the comunity. Not to mention underpayed!
We raise children, we do housekeeping, administration is lots of cases, groceries, mending of clothes and patch up all kinds of little (or bigger) scratches. We cook, clean, plus in this day and age we have our own jobs as well.

So give yourself a big round of applause and hug your own mum (if you still are happy enough to have her in your life) She deserves it and so do you!

© KH

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Melody Steenkamp said...

Tja wat zal ik ervan zeggen.... het is elke dag vrouwendag in jouw en mijn geval, gelukkig maar ook. En jij, blijf gewoon lekker wie en wat je bent, dat is echt goed genoeg.