Sunday, 25 September 2016

Music on Sunday; 1976

When I heard that U2 is celebrating their 40th anniversary I just couldn't believe it! I was 9 in 1976 and hadn't even heard of U2 until the early 80s.
What did I listen to in 1976? Well, I looked that up... It's not all pretty, but here it is;

I still love this one;

Ah Freddie.... ❤

is this really from the 70s?

Oh Julien... that was something in those days ;-)

Forever in my heart with Freddie

Yes this was a hit too, don't ask me why;

I always heard 'pinapple gas'

No 70s without Abba

© KH

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Melody Steenkamp said...

ik was dan toen iets ouder dan jij (ohjee verhip das nog steeds zo .....) maar ik luisterde er toen ook naar hoor