Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Think before you...

After almost two weeks without Social Media I am thinking about returning to it slowly only not in the way I did before.
Yesterday I almost fell into the trap again. While watching something on the news that I thought was really ridiculous I wanted to tweet about it. I remembered I had restricted myself from Social Media and couldn't tweet about anything. Maybe that's the trick I thought; Before you tweet anything stop yourself first as if you aren't able to be on any of those social media sites. If later on you still think it is a wise thing to say anything about a subject you still can. But most people (myself included) talk first and think later.
Maybe if peope thought about things first then we wouldn't have the 'Zwarte Pieten' (Black Pete') discussion already in April while it is something that is happening in December.

The reason I wanted to react on Twitter yesterday was related to that by the way. One of the amusement parks in the Netherlands where I am going to for just about whole my life from when I was a kid was being attacked by the same group as those who were against the Black Pete thing. Some people just go too far I think and don't have anything else to do with their lives. Thinking everything amusing is suddenly racist.

Just a fun thing in an amusment park and all of a sudden it's rascism... As long as I can remember people were having fun in the biggest park of the Netherlands singing along to the songs belonging to the different rides. No one ever complained; until now. Must be the weather....

Anyway, it made me think or rethink my part on social media; I always post before I think, write before I think, or even speak before I think. That is why I get in trouble in the first place. I am honest to people I say what I think but not everyone appreciates that. It can also hurt people of course. Sure you can be honest but do people want you to be? I'm not so sure about that anymore.

So I've come to the conclusion that it's okay to be on Social Media, only with moderation.
After all; I have met most of my friends online and what would I do without them!?

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Melody Steenkamp said...

weet je wat ook goed werkt?

de vraag 'wil ik dit eigenlijk wel en zo ja waarom dan?'....