Friday, 1 July 2016

For the love of Rainy Days


Today is July 1th and June came and went wetter than ever. Where ever you go, in stores or at the home for the elderly, even on tv people are complaining about the rain, the weather.
Now we Dutch are known for knowing how to complain. We complain about almost everything but the weather is our favourite subject of all time. Even the weatherman was complaining last night having to tell us it is indeed going to rain again. 

I have always been fond of rainy days. I can't remember me being any other way. I love stormy clouds rushing through the sky as if they are chasing each other. The darker the cloud the more beautiful I think it is. The sound of rain when you are still in bed, or when you wake up in the middle of the night, is so sweet. The smell of the the first rain touching the ground is delicious to me. 
My garden is blooming perfectly with all the downpour of late. 

Rain is one of the greatest gifts Mother Nature gives us.
Rain is full of negative Ions. Ions are electrical charged particals in the air and they're all around us, positive and negative ones. Too much positive Ions is generally bad. Certain things create negative ions. Water smashing apart is the best example. That's why a waterfall always feels so 'invigorating' when you stand by it, because of the high negative ion count in the air. Ditto why so many people have great ideas in the shower.
So rain is full of negative Ions and both body and brain love it. 

But it's also 'White noise'.
The term "white noise" basically means what's generally called "static", like in between stations on a radio dial. It's also the sound rain makes hitting the ground. 

So I'm not so crazy after all, liking rain so much. It's good for you! 

© KH

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Anonymous said...

Ik heb hem snel uitgezet. Moet ervan plassen.... :-) x