Monday, 27 June 2016

Social media break

Lately I haven't felt all that good, not comfortable in my skin, anxious I've wrote it all down the other day on my blog on menopausal crankiness .
I have snapped at people, online as to  my loved ones, and I was thinking; I always feel I 'have' to do things. I stopped with the 'you have to' bit years ago but not on social media. I'm on various parts of social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, you name it. You check in several times a day to see what's new and there hardly ever is anything new. Just the same old same old. People ranting about the crappy weather, which you like but they don't seem to get, people complaining all the time, people judging other people without even trying to understand their perspective. Of course there is some good things; I've met most all my friends online, I even met my hub online. But.... you seem to 'have to' like everything, respond to everything, 'heart' everything, react to everything. I make a lot of edits everyday. I really like Benedict Cumberbatch but not that much. I was so done with it all, no I am done with it all. I have over 3000 followers on Twitter! It's not that I don't appreaciate those people who seem to like what I do or say, I do! But I can't keep up.

My head was at the verge of exploding so it seemed. I had to take a break from it all. So yesterday I told every social media site I'm taking a social media break.
But now I have a dilemma; Is blogging social media and if it is does that mean I can't write my thoughts here anymore? If I can't write I'll explode! Maybe it's only social if people can respond to it and I should turn the comment section off?
I do feel the need to write every now and again if I feel the need so I can vent my thoughts to someone. To myself mostly. But I also still love making quotes so I might still continue with those. I will listen more to music so perhaps more new music on Sunday blogs to come.. who knows?

Sometimes I write in the hope I learn from it; something that makes me see how wrong I was or how I need to change things. I know I can do that in a personal journal too but this is essentially why I made this blog in the first place; to learn from it, from myself and maybe others can too. I know that my partner with autism blog has helped a lot of women and still does! So maybe there's no harm in writing every now and again still. It will be a big challenge for me as it is to not pick up my phone and check Twitter or Facebook every half hour.

But I'm also looking forward to doing other things again; reading more, writing more, walking, *cleaning my house says* , drawing even which I neglected a lot. Just things I did before social media even was invented. Things I did before I was sitting behind my laptop all afternoon srolling senseless reading stuff and thinking 'what on earth have I done anyway the past two hours?' You waste your life away with your phone in hand at every step you make in life. The first thing you do in the morning? Picking up your phone to see what has happened.... It's not normal now is it!

Well let's just hope I will survive this rehab and can detox a bit.
Writing a blog once in a while isn't the worst of things.

© KH


Anonymous said...

Neem alle tijd die je denkt nodig te hebben. Fiets naar het bos en wandel daar een stukje, of ga op een bankje zitten luisteren en kijken. Niets anders.... Moeder Natuur zal wat ruimte scheppen in je hoofd. Mijn Social Media? Alleen Twitter ivm de huursector. Verder kranten en Follow The Money. Dus tijd om te strijken en te zuigen. Morgen dweilen. En verder? kijken naar de regen die tegen de ramen slaat en als druppels naar beneden zakt. Nadeel: er kan geen raam open. Voordeel: lekker rustig hier! Als muziek je niet helpt die ruimte te scheppen, laat de enige echte heleres het dan doen en ga naar buiten, de natuur in. Het komt weer goed! :)

Melody Steenkamp said...

Tja meiske, we hadden het er al over he in Emmen....

Leven we zelf ons leven of worden we geleefd en als 'ja' het antwoord op de laatste vraag is dient de volgende vraag zich aan: waarom staan we dat dan toe?

Zoals je weet heb ik er een stop opgezet, als 1 vd vele stappen die ik wilde (nee ik praat niet over 'moeten') zetten om het leven weer tot de mijne te maken en zelf te gaan leven, willen, vooral! En weet je wat? Het voelt veel beter dan ik op voorhand gehoopt heb en wat zou ik graag jou dat gevoel willen laten ervaren maar ja dat gaat niet... het is jouw weg en de enige die die weg kan gaan ben jij.

Wil je een duwtje dan weet je me te vinden