Friday, 1 January 2016

Out with the old, in with the new

A new year a new beginning. I never make new year's resolutions but I have decided I will make some changes regarding this blog. I hardly blogged anymore, it felt like I was making 'rounds' with every themed day. It is not how I like to see my blog. I will keep my quotes and music theme but for the rest I will stop that.

As for the resolutions, last year I have started for myself to eat more healthy, to eat differently. The only thing missing for myself is being more mindful, becoming more mindful. Meditating, becoming Zen, however you want to call it. I feel restless a lot of the time, inside. I do want to change that. I do for a long time, it's not necessarily a resolution of sorts.

So for what better way to start fresh this year with a new day a new beginning on working on myself. To better myself as it were. I was doing that a while back or I was trying to anyway but sometimes life throws you back a few steps only to come back stronger and more determind.
I am a firm believer that you can make a new beginning every day, that you don't need a new year for that. But having said that, with a date on your blog posts, it is kind of a journal you're keeping, it is maybe a bit easier to start changing things in a new year.

So hopefully the people reading my blogs will keep doing so even though I am changing my themes. I hope I will have something worth reading for everyone.

I wish everyone a very happy 2016 and may this year bring you peace within.

Love Kati xxx

© KH

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A van de Aa said...

Ik wens je een fantastisch mooi 2016 toe. Maak er iets moois van.