Sunday, 27 December 2015

Music on Sunday; top 2000

In the last week of the year we have something called the top 2000. Every year you can vote on the music you think needs to be in that list. I always voted on the music that was my favourite, but I saw some of my facebook friends made a different list every year, with a different theme even. So this year I made a list of music that made me happy.

A few songs on that list in today's music on Sunday; 

Most of the time it's on here but yesterday I wasn't listening and my name was mentioned son said. Funny that was the second time that happened, different song.

This time with a song I knew of course but never even considered if it wasn't for my 18 year old son pointing it out to me.

This band and it's leadsinger has been my favourite throughout my life, from my teens until now

I really think this should be in the list:

© KH

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Gattina said...

and I don't know none of them, sorry, it's not so my kind of music I am more into Rock.