Thursday, 6 August 2015

Treasures of Britain; Clovelly, Devon

When I was 18 I first set foot on British soil. I was ever so excited to go, it would be the first of many visits. 
I went to Devon with my parents and sister at the time where we visited lots of beautiful places but one small one I've always remembered well and my sis and I even now call out to each other when ever we see a boat; 'Motor boat triiiip!!!' because down at the harbour of the lovely little village of Clovelly the captains with their boats were trying to attract the tourists.

Clovelly, Best appraoched along the 3-miles Hobby Drive through hanging woods above the precipitous coast, the village is justly famed for its beauty. The steep coblled main street with its donkey-drawn sledges leads down to a tiny harbour and curved pier. Much of the  character of the place dates from between the wars, so would not have been known by Charles Kingsley, whose father was the rector here, and who describes the village in Westward Ho! (1855)

Clovelly harbour




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