Monday, 3 August 2015

A pause in menopause

This is going to be an all women's problem blog, so if you can't take the heat, stay out of the blog in this case... men be warned! On the other hand: maybe it's just a good thing you men read what's going on in our bodies, but maybe that's just me.

When I was 39 my regular periods became very irregular. Very much so that I went to my doctor and asked her if I could be in a very early menopause. She said I was too young for that and that it was probably just stress from my divorce. I just shook my head when I came outside her office and thought 'she's the doctor but she's very wrong!' So she was! The next two years my period stayed very irregular and even became very heavy. So heavy infact that I had a period for 3 months at a time with heavy blood loss! I went to the doctor again because I really couldn't funtion in my daily life like that! I made a test on my computer before I went to see her and ticked all the boxes; Hot-flashes, lack of sleep at night, joint pain, etc. She wanted to test my blood to see if the hormone was in my blood that would prove I'm in menopause and agreed with me that a period 3 months in a row wasn't normal. My blood was normal but she thought I was in pre-menopause and suggested an intra-utrine device for the heavy bleeding.

Five years without any period what so ever! I felt I was in heaven! Only those hot-flashes where hell! Especially in summer. But in winter it was nice.
Last Februari my intra-utrine device had to be replaced but my doctor said I could try if I was over the hump, it had been five years now after all.
I felt pretty good actually, the hot-flashes were much less, even in summer and I really thought I had the worst of it behind me. I'm 48 almost so at it for almost 10 years now! It could be over right?

WRONG! Yesterday when hub and I thought we'd go for a lovely bike ride, I went to the bathroom first to see I had gotten my period again. WHAT? After all that time? Bloody hell! Literally.
My belly started hurting again too! I had some signs beforehand; I had gotten some pimples that I couldn't explain but I never thought... So glad I saved all the stuff for 'you'll never know'.

It's like you have said goodbye to someone you hope you will never ever see again, your done with him/her and you've moved on! You've outgrown them. Only to suddenly be confronted with them again totally unsuspected and it is so unpleasant and painful to be confronted with all that again. Like that.
So if I thought I'd be done with all that, if I thought I was almost out of menopause, I sure have another thing coming... Darn it!
Dear Mother Nature, I'm done! Please stop this mess! Thank you!

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Mary Kissinger said...

I'm so sorry dear! I kno that is pure hell and you have my sympathies! :-(

Kati H said...

Thank you dear! Very sweet of you to comment on my blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Heyy sweetie... I feel so sorry for you. What a hell of a disappointment this must be for you. So you will go get this device again? I hope it'll work. I remember too well the pains and aches in my head, back, tummy and breasts. Not to speak about the burning eyes you can get as well and the pimples. I can still hear men where I worked say to me that this is just a little inconvenience and I should 'get over it'... If only they would get this for only six months in a row... GRRR. Men... You can't stand 'm and you can't go without them. ;)
All I can add is that I am such a very lucky girl. I was taking 'the pill' which did help tremendously agains the migraines and one day my GP told me to stop. It would be all over. And he was right. Gone were also the migraine attacks and other headaches and the shiny skin and the pimples and most of the other aches and pains. Some have come back, but have nothing to do with this phenomenon, but with osteo arthritis. Hurray... and with inflames (nerve) ganglions. These stop me from walking more than 100 metres without pain. Hope your pickle will soon be over and gone with! Love, Lydia