Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.
- Barbara Kingsolver

Now that the daily challenges are done I want to try writing further to improve my 'inner self' or to become aware of my  do's or don't's. But finding prompts is hard. What I can do is write from the heart. Whatever is keeping me occupied at the moment, or what I think will help me (or others) along.

Motherhood for example. Let's dig our teeth into that one. It was easy breasy when the boys were little compaired to now! My mum always says; Little children little worries, big children big worries but she's right! My oldest is living with his dad because his school is closer to where he lives but has an internship now in the town where my mum and sis live. He wanted to have a student room but those are very expensive. Thankfully sis has room to put him up. He was so disappointed in his dad that he didn't want to help him paying for college or a room and now he's relieved at least that this problem is solved.
My youngest boy wants to quit what he's doing now but has to pass his exams first. Only he didn't yesterday. He failed his cooking exam! He has so many nerves when he has to do them that it didn't go well. It's not only a worry what he will do next year when he quits cooking but now it looks like it that he will not even get his diploma for it either.
How do you motivate them? Can you at least motivate them? They need to do it themselves, I can't do it for them. Youngest needs to get a job as well but he finds it all too difficult and is just scared to.. His autism is getting in the way and he is ignoring it. I really find this age more difficult than when they were younger!

I know one thing: If I let go of my worries, everything will be alright. It always has been and it always will. I worry too much about them. I shouldn't it will be okay, but it is hard.

You want them to succeed rather but they too have to make their own mistakes in life, just like I had too. It isn't easy watching that but I know now that it is probably best to let them make them and not interfere in the natural process.
They will find their way. 

© KH

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Daan (Dan) said...

nice post...
maybe it's useful to figure out why you feel this worry: are the boys reflecting stuff back to you that you find hard about yourself? i know mine do, and acknowledging that has made it possible for me to let go of the worry... until the next one comes along...
you can't let something go that you haven't accepted as being yours... or part of who you are... the boys will be fine, in their own time, but you can give them a feeling of confidence and trust if you actually feel it {and only then...}
{just thinking along with you}