Sunday, 19 April 2015

Music on Sunday, songs used in commercials

Ever since an add about insurances aired on our tv I'm singing along with the song. Looking it up that same song was in commercials all over the world!

So today it's all about songs in commercials.

In 1986, this was featured in commercials for Michelob beer as part of their "The night belongs to Michelob" campaign. It was a case of an advertising agency and/or client looking at the title and chorus of the song without regard for the lyrics, which reek of pain and desperation. Genesis keyboard player Tony Banks explained that using the song in the commercial was a big break for the band, since it helped it become a hit. Banks said that if it wasn't in the commercial, it probably would have remained an album track like their song "Domino."

Microsoft paid $10 million to use this for their Windows '95 advertising campaign. Although it became common practice in years to come, this was one of the first times a hit song was used in a major marketing campaign.

In 2011, Slow Moving Millie's cover of this song featured in a Christmas commercial for the British department store, John Lewis. The Smiths' decision to allow their song to be used in an advertisement sparked controversy among many fans, though front man, Morrissey said he was "very happy" with the result. Guitarist, Johnny Marr, added: "Writing 'Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want' one Friday in '84 is one of the best memories of my life. This ad has not sullied that memory one bit."

In 1987, Bowie re-recorded this with Tina Turner for a Pepsi commercial.

In 1998, this was used in a commercial for AIWA sound systems. In the ad, a guy drives around with this blaring from his car stereo. At the end of the commercial, we realize he is driving a hearse.

In 2002, this was used in commercials for Verizon wireless. In 2009, a cover of the song by the group The Hours was used to advertise Budweiser beer.

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