Thursday, 23 April 2015


Long have I thought about writing a blog about this subject but I feel like I have too. I can't keep quiet any longer. I am ashamed. Deadly ashamed no less. I feel so ashamed to be Dutch at this point in life. I feel ashamed to live in a country where the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer and where the government is turning it's back on poor helpless people who are fleeing from their homes because of violence, because ISIS, because they just can't take it anymore. Meanwhile the rich are filling their pockets even more, bank managers, big business men, politicians you name it, and the people of my country are screaming bloody murder. The illegal immigrants must go, they're at fault of course they're to blame!

Our government has made some decision for failed or undocumented asylum seekers.
Prime Minister Mark Rutte's centre-right Liberals said offering continued support would attract more migrants. Their Labour coalition partner backed a policy of "bed, bath and bread" for people in need, even if they had been refused asylum.
Dutch media reported that the parties had agreed a deal whereby failed asylum seekers would be housed, but for a limited time only and in just five major cities -- including Amsterdam and Rotterdam -- and not countrywide as now.

I understand that there is a big problem. But there's also something called humanity! After the accident where boat refugees were killed drowned at sea there was a lot of social media noise. Or should I call it filth. People saying all kind of horrible things about the dead people I'm not going to repeat here. Where are you in your own life that you can wish someone dead? How bad a person are you yourself if you can wish that on someone you don't even know?

Can you honestly say that this picture doesn't effect you? A dead Syrian girl? Drowned trying to escape the tyrand Assad with her family?
Even the elderly people where I work are ruthless, they should know better having lived through WWII. No apparently 70 years of peace didn't make a difference. They think they worked hard for it after the war and that others like 'them' should not profit from their labours. How can you think like that? I honestly can't fathom that!
It is beyond me! There is such a thing as Human Rights and if the place where you live is unsafe, of course you run like hell! I would!

So yes, I am deeply ashamed. I am ashamed for mankind, for people in general, for my country. Men are really the worst animals on Earth.

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Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Brava Kati.... too long since I dropped in properly - usually only waving with G+! But this post demanded that I say - and I repeat - Brava. Actually I think there are a lot like yourself and myself who feel this way but somehow our voices are as drowned as these tragic folk. I too fear for the spirits who have such short memories. Those who once were at risk, with no true compassion for those at risk now.

Bless you for crying out. It is almost too overwhelming... Hugs and beannachd leat nAlba, YAM xx

Kati H said...

Thank you Yam. It is overwhelming but like the Dalai Lama said: "Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive."

Anonymous said...

You won't but I will! Some people were glad with the drowning of these refugees in the Mediterrainean. An extreme right wing TV channel came with the name one of their followers invented: bobbing niggers.
The Netherlands has turned into a nasty little right wing extremist country and I hope people will not come to visit us anymore. Even tourists will sometimes get nasty remarks. Like Kate I am deeply ashamed for my own people. To believe that money is now a GOAL and no longer a means of exchange like sea shells once were. It's not just these refugees from Africa en Iraq and Syria, it's also about people on the Dole, chronically sick people and handicapped ones and old people. We live of 'free money' paid for by the working. These people are also in our government and they betray even their own parents in order not to spend too much money on people in need. No lie... this happend!
I wish to greet with the most beautiful greeting I think exists: