Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Things to be grateful for

When I'm at home looking outside to my garden I'm quite happy with what I see. Maybe at one point in my life I did want to live in a big(ger) house with some land where I could keep some pigs and chickens and sometimes I still do, but I am really happy with my home and garden with all the critters that live in it. There are so many birds in my garden and now even mice, I know not for everyone but I like them, they're cute. In a few weeks the toads will come again and the snails, the butterflies and bees and the gang will be complete.

So I've decided I'm going to make a list (if not in writing then in my head) every day about things I'm grateful for; not in any specific order.

- The animals in my garden and in my house (my dog and bird)
my dog is getting old and has dragged me through many a thing where I was in tears over. 

- My health
Even if you’re health isn’t great, it could be worse and you likely still have some working parts to be thankful for.

- My mum who is so energetic and has found a new love after being a widow for 12 years. Even though I found it hard at first, dad is gone for so long now and she is so much in love. :)

- Spring!

It's turning into Spring again surely but slowly and the flowers are showing their faces again!

- My two boys.
Yes they can get under my skin at times, yes they are a lot of work especially now at this age, but I wouldn't want to miss them!

- My hub.
Of course it is sometimes hard with his autism, the grumbling
when things doesn't go the way he wants them to (I compare him with Waldorf from the Muppets sometimes)
But I'm grateful that he's in my life!

 - My elderly peeps/my job.
I like my job, it's fulfilling and I have enough free time left to do the things I love doing, like writing and editing pics.

- Books.
What would I do without them? Books are life! I couldn't live without them!

- My sis! I'm so grateful to have a sis like her! You wouldn't have thought it but we weren't always this close. As kids we could fight like all kids do. But now I think she's my best friend! I love her dearly! I couldn't imagine my life without her.
We go on trips together, I visit her frequently and we send each other postcards because we live 60 km from each other. End of April we even go to Edinburgh together! My favourite city!
I am really proud of her as well.

© KH

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