Monday, 9 March 2015

Change of self

The mean reason I wasn't writing a lot on this blog anymore was that every time I did I got some comments I did not like much or no comments at all. The comments I didn't like were quite often from people who didn't understand what I was trying to say.
One time someone said to me; 'So what if people aren't responding to your blog? The main reason you're writing is for yourself isn't it?' which is very true!

So this is another atempt of me writing my twisted thoughts. Although; twisted, probably everyone is thinking the same things now and again but they're not writing them down and I am. I need to write. This blog is for me a necessity. I need to write or my head will burst.

So this change of self; First I need/want to write more, not only more about this change but also more stories. Not only fanfiction which I'm writing and poems but also short stories and writing on my 'novel'. I find that difficult somehow; It's in my head but short stories are much easier plus I like to write those more.

What I did to start to change a week ago is quiting the sugar. I mean I was putting sugar in my coffee and I drink lots of coffee. I have a sweet tooth and I just stopped a week ago after I had the flu. I didn't feel happy anymore, I lacked energy, felt restless and bloated, my stomach protested, my liver hurt (yes it felt very painfull if I touched my belly!) and I was so tired all the time. Now I'm eating more fruit (I was such a bad fruit eater) and after a week I can feel the change already. I have more energy, I do more, I'm not bloated anymore and I'm feeling healthier if that is even possible after just one week. Sure I need to lose weight as I'm hugely overweight but that's not the reason why I'm doing this. It's the inner voice that was nagging all the time, (Listening to my body; didn't do that either)and feeling better in my own skin that was the trigger.

Hopefully I can keep this up because boy do we have loads of added sugars in our food!

Here are some informative articles about hidden sugars and added sugars.

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