Sunday, 19 October 2014

Music on Sunday; Eargasms

Sometimes music is not only nice, or beautiful but it sends chills up and down your spine and leaves you breathless; they're called eargasms. I want to share some of my eargasms with you this morning. Just a few of the many songs I have on my YouTube and Spotify and Itunes list;

Tom Smith's voice is so gorgeous...

Sting will always be my first love; his voice will always soothe me

Maybe my eargasm list is a bit average but there are so many songs to choose from; too many really maybe I need another eargasm blog. ;) But many Coldplay songs are eargasm songs to me and this one especially;

Definitely an eargasm;

And finally last but certainly not least; this fabulous man who makes me cry still after all this time;

© KH

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