Sunday, 10 August 2014

Music on Sunday; That takes me back: 20 years ago

Yesterday was my eldest son's birthday. He's now 20. Things like that always make you think don't they? What was I doing when I was his age? How fast the time went by is another! And what music did I listen to when I was pregnant? I know one thing: When I was picking out names, I was inspired by an Italian female singer who was having a number of hit singles in Europe; Laura Pausini. So if he was a girl his first name would have been Laura.

Kurt Cobain had committed suicide and the Euro Channel was openend. Diana and Charles got their divorce and the first Playstation was launched. Son's dad had one but it was very unlikely people had a mobile phone;
It looked just like the first one only bigger and you could pull the antenne out!

And yes the music: whát did we listen too back then?

Laura of course:

© KH


A van de Aa said...

Proficiat met je zoon, en je zoon natuurlijk.
En ja 20.... toch een mijlpaal.
En hij is groot geworden.....

Kati H said...

Bedankt A! :) Ja het gaat hard! ;)