Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Orange dream is over

Well, that's it then; the whole World cup dream is over. Back to 'normal' life. Millions of people were watching the Netherlands VS Argentina game last night anxiously waiting for the first goal. But that didn’t happen. It was a very dull game actually if I dare say so. I even was thinking of just chucking it and going to bed. But hoping against hope; I knew it from the start. The Dutch do this each and every time. They get too confident and let their guard down or don’t push hard enough to score.

Do I care so much about football? Well no I don’t but I do like the comradery that our nation has during a Euro cup or a World cup. Our streets all orange with flags and banners as well as a lot of people who are dressed in orange. It’s our Nation’s colour (the King’s name came from the area in France Orange)

And I do like the fair play at a WC as well; if you see the players  greeting each other or the public interacting with each other; It’s so different at a world cup or a ‘normal’ match these days.

But down go all our hopes and dreams along with the orange banners.
Of course there are a lot of good things about football being over as well.
We can go to bed at a normal hour. We can watch something else again or better yet; just leave the tele off for the evening and read a good book! Well that’s a thought!

But on the other hand; I was looking forward to a good old game against Germany. There’s a lot of rivalry there and I looked it up; we won 15 times, they did, and 10 times a draw. So that would have been a great one… But unfortunately that will have to wait till next time.

Until then: GO Germany! Because we can have animosity between our countries but when it comes down to it yeah let’s kick some Argentine butt Germany! *evil grin*

© KH

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