Sunday, 27 July 2014

Music on Sunday; Summer

It's summer and the weather is hot! Not my kind of weather mind you! It's too hot for me! But a lot of people like it and in two weeks I will have two weeks holiday where I can be lazy around the house all day long! It's not all bad. Which you cannot say of the summer songs by the way. There are some bad ones out there! Was it any different when I was a kid? Nope, sorry to say it wasn't. I don't know why that is, maybe a summer song just has to have the right beat and the lyrics can be gibberish and make absolutely no sense what so ever.

There are some beauties there too. Here are some great ones and yes some not so as well. To each it's own..

This was a hit when I was a teen! Yes really!

And this one as well:

And now for the really good stuff:

I'm a fan of Will Smith, he's great, funny and just a good actor too. And he has nice songs every now and again. Happy songs. :)

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