Sunday, 13 July 2014

Music on Sunday; Classic songs of the sea

I love listening to classical music. It really calms the nerves I think. When I was a child my parents listened to classical music as well as French chansons. My sister and I really didn't like it but as we grow older we start to appreciate it more and more, at least I do, not sure about my sister but as she practices ballet from childhood on, I think she might feel the same. :)

So today I want to take you away to the sea. There are some real classical beauties made where you can feel the sea air and almost touch it. Just sit back and listen:

And of course one of my favorites:

The English composers were always very good in making you feel like you were right there in the country side; like Vaughan Williams did; but can they make you feel as if you walk along the beach as well?

© KH

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