Wednesday, 16 July 2014



When I started blogging some 8 years ago I never would have thought I would enjoy it this much nor would I have thought I would start to write in English. But here I am writing or attempting to write in English.
There are a lot of blogs out there. Even when I started there were a lot of them. The first blog sites I was on had loads of people interacting. Because that's what it is really; if you want to be read you have to read what others are writing and you have to comment on their work as well. In the beginning it was all well and good but now years later and several blogs later it is getting harder to do, keeping up I mean. With work, 'real life' being in the way all the time and other Social media sites one does not sit down and browse through all the countless blogsites the internet has, let alone comment on all of them. You just don't have the time even if you wanted to.. 

Now that I am writing in English I find it harder even though I like the language better, always have. The blogs I like are most in English but the people who write them are English speaking people. It's easy for them to scoop up a blog from scratch. But for 'us' non-English speaking 'folk' it's a bit harder to do. As much as we are trying, we still have grammar issues. I've gotten a lot of snearing in my first attempts of writing in English; in my poems or short stories yes even on my Fanfiction. 
And yes I'm the first to admit it: I'm the biggest grammar police officer around (not using the other word - the one my son is using!) 
But having said that: I wouldn't want to write in Dutch anymore. I just love the English language! I always was thinking more in English anyway; sometimes I do have trouble thinking of the Dutch word or phrase and that's just weird! 

I really don't think my writing is all that bad; honestly I don't. Maybe it's the content people don't like or my grammar is really off and I don't even know it. I just start to write whatever comes to mind and I don't even stop to think or check. Well of course I check things but I'm not working in Word or anything. 

Eventually you do write for yourself not for other people. I knew that when I first started all those years ago on those other blog sites. But of course it would be lovely to have more readers and comments! Everone would like that. But I am realistic as well; I am who I am and not everyone will like what I'm writing about. And I'm not going to change who or what I am. Not even to gain more readers. 
So I'm just hoping you like what I have to say and will want to leave a comment every now and again. 
And if you want me to write about something; just ask. 

Thanks to those who are reading and commenting though! It's very much appreciated! Here and on Twitter! 

© KH 

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