Monday, 21 July 2014

Autism gets in the way

It's not easy
I'd even say it's quite hard
In your head you think
You're doing it right
I guess you do live
In such a different world
Inside anyway

I still feel alone often
Or rather feel like having to do it
All alone without support
You can't help it
It's not your fault
I know that, In my mind
But that doesn't make it any easier

Your autisme gets in the way
Of having an equal partnership
But you know what I was thinking
Maybe it's just me
I might just see the bad things
More than the good ones
You have those as well I know

The world around us
Would be so much simpler
If I could let it go
Accept you as you are
Like you accept me as I am
Yes you have autism I accept it
The thing I have trouble with
Is that it all comes down to me
And I feel burdned by all of it

© KH


MarjaK said...

Het ligt niet aan jou!
Ik las ergens, dat in een huwelijk waar autisme een rol speelt, je niet bedrogen wordt door overspel, maar door autisme.
Www. geeft veel informatie, maar misschien heb je je, net als ik, al helemaal suf gezocht en gelezen over autisme in een huwelijk.

Kati H said...

klopt, maar de partners worden altijd overgeslagen heb ik gemerkt. Bedankt!