Sunday, 29 June 2014

Music on Sunday: What's on your Ipod/Iphone?

Today I got some kind of challenge on Twitter:

And yes you can tell a lot about a person's choise in music.
My list was not so bad I thought! Besides that Benedict's voice was in between the music reading audio books (mostly Sherlock) the list was a mix from old to new and back again.

The first 20 on my shuffle list: I will pick some randomly to put on today's blog:

I love Dido! She my favorite female singer. She makes me happy whenever I'm sad or angry, every time. Therefore there's a lot of her on my Iphone. :)

I love Rapalje, a Dutch Folk band. I've been to a lot of their performances. It's Scottish/Irish, a lot of the things I love! Their clothing, the way they perform I love it all. It makes me miss Scotland even more or a little less...

My taste in music is very divers. I love listening to classic rock but older disco as well. And Justin Timberlake. :)

I've heard people say that nobody likes Nickelback, especially women. Well I've always been the exception to every rule :D I love them!

I've always listened to this kind of music but it was my youngest son (age 17) who pointed this song out to me! He loves this song and has it on his own Ipod. :) I love that both my sons have about the same taste in music as I do. :) 

This is a song from my own (pre)teens. I still love it, can't sit still hearing it: 

© KH


Daan (Dan) said...

die van mij vandaag:
1. Pearl Jam - Even Flow
2. Pearl Jam - Rearview Mirror
3. Pearl Jam - Corduroy
4. Pearl Jam - Last Exit...
etc. etc.

die van jou inderdaad behoorlijk gevarieerd.. :-)

Kati H said...

goh Pearl Jam... verrassend! :D