Wednesday, 12 October 2011


You where my rock, my constant in life
Even though sometimes we had strife
You never hesitated, didn’t think twice
When I needed your help or advice
But dad, deep down I knew
You loved me as I love you
You cried silently when I moved away
It was the wrong man but you couldn’t say
When you got sick much later on
O God, I so hoped you where strong
Strong enough to pull through
To fight this disease, but the cancer grew
Dad, and then you died
I tried to pull it together, but at home I cried
And even now, almost six years later on
I feel the pain knowing you are gone
Does it hurt to die?
Does the wind blow softly on your cloud in the sky?
Are you still watching over me?
Can you look out over the sea?
I feel your presence every day
I know you never really went away
As long as we remember you
You are alive in our hearts, this much is true

© KH

(Dad died eight years ago today, this poem is from my weblog blog from 2 years ago)


Daan (Dan) said...

sterkte vandaag....

Sheri said...

Oh my this is so touching and from the heart. I am sorry you lost your father.

Kati said...

@ Daan thanks love

@ Sheri, thank you so much. :)