Wednesday, 25 July 2018


This is going to be the hottest summer in centuries and it isn't over yet! We're having a heatwave with temps up to 35 degrees C! It's terrible, for most that is including myself. Working in this heat is horrible and my holiday is a long way off... So when I'm home all I do is sit for a fan and not much else. Sleep at night is hardly possible!

We Dutch are known for complaining about things, mostly about the weather. Most people love to complain about rain, but these tempratures make people complain about the heat as well. I think it bonds people, we all feel the same discomfort, we all want rain at this point (well I love rain so I never mind rain anyway) It hasn't rained for over two months which has never happened before! The Northern European countries have hot weather while the South have flooding and rain and missery.
Global warming anyone?

Why is it so hot in the UK and around the world?

I just hope for 'normal' weather to return soon... please!

© KH

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