Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Trump child separarions; Humanity down the drain

Just when you thought he couldn't get to a new low, he did. Trump has separated the South and Middle-American children from their parents as soon as they came across the border seeking asylum. Children, babies sometimes, young, older it doesn't matter to him, they get put in cages. Yes cages.

Does this remind us of someone, say a man who started separating children from their parents around 1934 on, here in Europe? Didn't we all say; never again? Yes we did and no never again!
It doesn't matter what colour your skin is, or what religion you have, you should always be treated with dignity, humanity.
It's not understandable to me that this is happening in this day and age in a America... the land of the free? Yes if you're white and priviliged perhaps, not if you're of colour and want to persue your dream.

Crimes against humanity this is called, but not for this American 'president' who thinks he can afford all. Rise up against this man! Don't let it happen again!

© KH

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