Sunday, 24 September 2017

Music on Sunday; musicians' post-musical careers

Every year we watch Strictly come dancing on BBC one. This year we were stunned when we saw the reverend Richard Coles join in the fun. Coles former member of the Communards with Jimmy Sommerville is now a vicar. So for today I thought; lets find out what happened to former musicians, is it as shocking a change as this or...?

Here is Richard in yesterday's Strictly;

and here in the Communards; 

McHammer was his stage name but in real life he goes by Stanley Kirk Burrell who now is a preacher with his own Christian ministry program on tv; 

Peter Garrett was the lead singer of Midnight Oil and environmentalist, activist and former politician.  He was the Minister for Environment Protection, Heritage, and Arts. 

Feargal Sharkey, The former Undertones front man left music for... music. Business, that is. After becoming less musically active in the early 1990s, he has performed various roles supporting the UK's commercial music industry, winning several awards and honours for his work in that area.

Miki Berenyi: The fire-haired Lush front woman started a family after the band disbanded in 1998; at the age of 40, she began working as Chief Sub-Editor at UK-based tech publication Web User Magazine.

Dave Rowntree: After Blur disbanded(ish) in the early '00s, band drummer and evident scholarly Renaissance Man, Dave Rowntree used the hiatus to pursue his career in politics. In addition to clerking at a law firm, he became chair of London's West End branch, and in 2008, and began law school. He successfully balanced his studies with Blur's 2009 reunion gigs, and is now the founding director of the Featured Artists Coalition, a non-profit organization that aims to protect the rights of musicians in the digital age.

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