Sunday, 16 July 2017

Music on Sunday; 12" inch songs

When I was a teen I was very much into New Wave music; still love it to be honest. But I was dressed in black with the heavy black eyeliner to go with it. I didn't go as far as my best friend who wore her hair like Robert Smith of the Cure but I tried as good as I could with my longer hair. My mum didn't like it much and was glad I was 'cured' of that phase when I met my now ex. I never got out of the phase really, only dressed differently to please the guy. (wrong!)
I played a lot of New Wave in my room at the time and on Friday nights we went to a New Wave cafe. In those days the 12"inch records were sold a lot. I was browsing Spotify the other day and found a lot of them on there. So for today I'm bringing you back to those days; I have found around 150 12"inch songs on Spotify so I won't do that here, I'll save some for another day.

I still think this is the best album of the Simple Minds;

I just love the Cult... 

I played this song so many times that my mum even sang it while grocery shopping... ;) 

Depeche Mode definitely belong in this awesome list; 

ah the Cure.... ❤

I had/have the 12"inch album of Howard Jones

Talking about playing a song for long periods of time... I even knew all the John Taylor's (bassplayer) moves ! 

How didn't have a 'Relax' T-shirt in those days? 

© KH

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