Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Wednesday Wisdom; Terrorism

Cowardness. There is no other word for it. If you want to bring your point across, which is hard enough as it is when you're an extremist, you shouldn't start bombing innocent children at a pop concert.
No matter how hard they try to divide us, we always will keep coming out stronger than before. We will always unite against terrorism. We will never give in to it. Ever.
The only thing you have ever accomplished is showing yourselves for the cowards that you all are, for the weak, low not even humane species not even worth mentioning. Even people of your own countries have abanoned you. What's that telling you? That you go to your heaven where there are 99 virgins waiting for you? (Or 72, even 1 would be too much.) I don't think so. Even they don't want you now, never have never will be!
You should read your own Quran better where it says that you shall not kill innocents, least of all women and children! Shame on you! 

© KH 

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