Sunday, 21 May 2017

Music on Sunday; Gone too soon

We all know about the 'imfamous' club of 27, famous people who died at 27 but there are more musicians who died at a relatively young age. Only friday we learned that Chris Cornell of Soundgarden has committed suicide age 52. 

So for today an ode to some of those (not all, they are with so many) who made us smile when times were rough, who helped us through though times and made our lives better with their music. 

He was best know from Soundgarden but I liked Audioslave too; 

I was not even 3 months old when this legend died in a plane crash, only 26 years old!

One of the club of 27, what a voice;

My mum was a huge fan in her teens but I came to love and appreciate his music later on as well, he died at 42;

Only discovered them later on after Paul Young covered one of their songs, lead singer Ian Curtis hung himself age 23;

Oh the Gibb brothers... they have been in my teen room for a long time, on posters above my bed, on my record player.... It's a tragedy, Andy being the first one age 30;

Oh Freddie.... Still miss him like crazy, best voice in the Universe! Died at 45.. (comment under the vid; no phones in the air, miss this. So true!)

Another one of the club of 27; Kurt Cobain shot himself in 1994;

The world was shocked (as was I ) when we all heard about David Bowie's death due to cancer age 69.. we still are really...

2016 was a horrible year, stars fell like flies and we all wanted to ctrl, alt del the year...
George Michael was one of the last of that year to go, again shocking everyone, age 53;

Of course I missed many great musicians but I can't make this blog any longer than this. I'll leave more for another time.

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