Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Wednesday Wisdom; old age

When I was at work this morning at an elderly lady's home who has Alzheimer's she told me that her children told her they would put her back into the home she had been in while recovering from a severe pneumonia. I thought that perhaps she was exaggerating or didn't remember. But then one of her childern came over. I was almost done working and while I was clearing away some things I heard them say; 'If you don't stop complaining all the time, we'll put you back into that home' 
I was speechless. The lady immediately started to say that she didn't want to, she wanted to stay where she was. When I was putting on my coat to go home, she said to me; 'See? They always tell me they'll put me back into that home' 'That's because you say to everyone that we don't come to visit you' they said 'How do you think that makes us feel?'
When I got home the first thing I did was call my own mum and tell her how much I love her.
I told her what had happened and she said; "They probably don't remember that their mother has taken care of them when they needed it" Leave it up to my mum to come up with a snappy remark ☺
It's been on my mind all day now ever since I left them there. I just can't understand how anyone can talk to their mother like that.
She's such a sweet lady, perhaps she is demanding now she's forgetful, but you must understand she doesn't remember things. They will miss her when she's gone and then it will be too late! 

© KH

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