Sunday, 12 March 2017

Music on Sunday; Songs to test your headphones with

I listen a lot to Spotify and sometimes get suggestions. Most times I like what they suggest, they know what you're listening too. (big Brother is watching)
So when they gave me a complete playlist for 'songs to test your headphones with' just when I bought new headphones (they could not have known that!) I was more than happy. My old Sennheiser in ear headphones I had for over 15 years were done doing there perfect job. Not having the money for new Sennheiser I bought some in the shop where my son works and he told me how perfect they were. Time to test them with that playlist and I was blown away; those Sennheiser were really not doing their job anymore! Wow!

So plug in your earphones and enjoy! (But even without headphones they're worth it)

© KH

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