Sunday, 5 February 2017

Music on Sunday; Songs Trump will hate

It's been only 2 weeks now since Trump got president of the USA and already he has seen fit to break the entire democracy down.
I know I told myself I wouldn't get too much involved for my own peace of mind but who can't get too much involved? He's a demagogue, a tirant who, when not getting his way, is throwing a temper tantrum on Twitter like a 5 year old.
So for this week's Music on Sunday some songs which you know Trump would hate. Not that he would listen them, or even read a blog (the man doesn't read... a man who doesn't read is president of a bit nation! Seriously!)
So for our enjoyment only;

Eminem has already made a song in which he's calling Trump a bitch but that song isn't on YouTube so here are some others he might dislike;


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Melody Steenkamp said...

oh geweldig ahaha goed gevonden schatje.