Sunday, 12 February 2017

Music on Sunday; songs longer than ten minutes

It's  not done really; to bring out a song that is longer than the 'normal' standard 3 minute something time, long enough for your dj to chat again. Is it that people are getting bored otherwise or that they just love to hear themselves talk? I for one am done with the average 'normal' radio program with the loudmouth dj's and the poppy songs. Never liked those anyway, the songs, not the dj's however there is a difference in those too but that's for another time. If a song is good with a great buildup, why not make it long? So here are some songs for you longer than the normal 3 minute and something time, longer than 10 minutes even. Enjoy;

© KH

1 comment:

Melody Steenkamp said...

En ja helemaal waar, AMEN!!

Dat gekakel van die lui, afschuwelijk.

Je hebt lange nummers geplaatst, om de lengte en niet zo zeer om de 'beauty' ervan toch? Zit leuks tussen maar ook afshcuwelijks ;-)