Sunday, 26 February 2017

Music on Sunday; Some Alternative rock/Indie favourites

My two sons (22 & 20 ) are always busy with music. The oldest is playing guitar himself and the youngest would love to play the drums (he had a few lessons and was very good at it) but mostly keeps it to listening to music. I've been listening to music as long as I can remember. When I was a kid we always had a radio on in the house. These days not as much, perhaps because I just can't stand todays poppy music with Justin Timberlake as the exception. I'm more of an alternative/Indie kind of type. Youngest son listens to rock and metal or sometimes even folkrock (like me) and even sometimes Dean Martin and others like that and oldest plays a lot of rock too. Poppy tunes is not for us. (which is why I sometimes am stunned why my oldest is going to these huge festivals or parties where there's that techno going on)

Anyway my point is; my kids sometimes (especially the youngest) like to test me on my musical knowledge. 'Mum, you probably don't know this band but...' or 'Mum, do you know who this is?' and to their surprise I most times do know.

Even thought they don't read my blog I would like to post some songs today that I like from bands/artists I like which they didn't know I would like. Not your average mum, kiddo! ;-)

I can't very well put all my favourites here but I still hope you enjoy it!

This episode of Stargate Atlantis made me fall in love with this song;

To be fair; after their beautiful cover 'Sound of Silence' my youngest told me to listen to other stuff of them

Of course in the 80s we used to listen to the Paul Young cover of this song (an original is often better as a copy)

Boy, I've listened to so many Cure songs in the 80s... danced to them, sang with them...

Never thought I like Radiohead much until I heard this song

I must have played Owner of a Lonely heart over and over back then and only later discovered the other gorgeous songs;

I love this song;

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