Monday, 30 January 2017


Never before after World War II has there been a country or a leader in the Western civilisation that made people feel like they are right now. Outrage, anger, dispair, disbelief, you name it.
President Trump has, within his first week,  made it all 'possible'. He has given each and everyone of us an uneasy and unsafe feeling. The world is changing, has changed. Espacially since the Muslim ban. When people couldn't even get off the planes and there was chaos and despair.
It all started with the Women's March the day after the Inaugeration. All over the world women (and men ) were protesting against his presidency. He didn't win, Hillary had 3 million more votes, so why on Earth is he now president! He is a narcissist, a white surpremacist, a fascist, need I go on?
All his actions from the last week speak for themselves.

Angela Merkel, the German prime minister (who now is the leader of the Free West to be honest) was the one who had to remind mr Trump of the Geneva convention. She had to call him and tell him.
Trump, having once said he didn't read, doesn't know about the Geneva Convention?
He has forbidden scientist to publish their findings, or to communicate on Social Media, which provoked  protests and rogue accounts.
He still wants to build his stupid wall to keep the Mexicans out and let Mexico pay for it (which they won't) He has whiped away women's rights in one sweep. Planned parenting, abortion, everything America has built through the years is being whiped clean even the websites of the Government.
Trump doesn't believe in Climate change, it's a hoax, so whipe away all data so it doesn't exits anymore.

There once was a country in 1938 where a leader stood up. People started to like him, what he said. he blamed minorities, Jews, gypsies... He didn't talk but screamed his words to get his point across.
He was elected and then the Second World War started.
Millions of Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals were killed.
Later some Germans said; 'Ich habe es nicht gewußt!' (I did not know)
But did they? Or did they just turn away, didn't they just want to know?

What we're seeing now in America is that people are resisting, are protesting, they don't want this, they don't want to be ruled by a demagogue and a tirant.
They don't want history to repeat itself only this time it's not Jews, it's Muslims.
Let's all resist, in every country. Don't let the Nazis win again. It doesn't matter where you live or if they call themselves 'alt-right' they are Nazis, plain and simple and we won't stand for it. We won't stay silent!


© KH

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Unknown said...

Love your fist image with the words about silence. I'm going to borrow it for my avatar since it says exactly how I feel. Hope that's OK with you.