Tuesday, 8 November 2016

USA elections 2016

The day is finally here; the USA Elections. Everyone has watched it with some sort of shame I guess. It was embarrissing to say the least. That pompous orange windbag screaming insults and making it a spectacle more than a serious election race. Of course there are things to say about Hillary Clinton as well but of the two she is the best choice for a president. She has experience, she has connections with several foreign contacts and well she's not a racist bigot who wants to put a wall around the country to keep foreigners out, or who is easily angered by a tweet and therefore not to be trusted with nuclear codes.

At Trump's rallies you saw his supportes getting riled up by Trump to the point where they would beat others who didn't agree with them, or threaten to kill Hillary Clinton.
Trump has said things in the spur of the moment that was pure hate, ignorance, racist, misogynistic, and so on...

It scares me, the whole thing just scares me shitless. If I wake up tomorrow, will that man be the next president of America? A man who can easily plunge us all into a WOIII mind you! He admires dictators, is friends with Putin and who says he will go away when it's time for new elections, if there's a country left that is, he has ruined every company he ever owened, bankrupted most of them, so he could do that to America as well, who is going to stop him?

Every follower he has is so eager to believe everything he says or to do everything he says. It really does remind us here in Europe of a man in 1938 who did the same. That is why we are so afraid of history repeating itself only this time around with one of the great nations with nukes and a man who has absolutely no selfcontrol whatsoever.

Let a woman try it, please let her try it. I am not a religious person but I almost would pray that the outcome would turn out good for every citizen in the world when I wake up tomorrow. That America will be smart and choose wisely. Please let them choose wisely, for all of our future.

© KH

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Melody Steenkamp said...

Ik vind dit een heel enge ontwikkeling....

IK heb oprecht vrees voor alle niet blanken daarginder en zeker alle mensen van het vrouwelijk geslacht.