Sunday, 15 May 2016

Music on Sunday; Eurovision 2016

It was a tough one yesterday evening; do I watch The Hollow Crown series with my favourite actor in it (Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard III ) or do I watch Eurovision.
Eurovision won and I recorded Hollow Crown to watch over and over again.
Eurovision isn't just any songcontest; it's hard to describe to people outside Europe. But we hardly have to anymore as now even Australia is part of Europe during Eurovision week anyway. The Australians have been the biggest fans of Eurovisions it seems and this year was their second time participating.
So today my favourite performances (and no that is not Poland, some European countries are tone deaf) and let's hear it for the wonderful presenters of the evening as well!

The winner was one of my favourites too;

and finally Petra and Mans again...

© KH

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