Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Lacking inspiration

Writing is a thing I love a lot. I was going to do it lots more than I'm doing now. I promised myself I would . But I'm lacking inspiration or as I'm telling myself; I'm lazy. 

A lot of people are making travel plans, write about it cheerfully but with our current financial state we just can't travel or do other things for that matter. It's nothing to be ashamed of, lots of people can't go away but it's something I a saddened about to be honest. I miss to travel to the UK and Scotland. To sniff up other cultures if only for a little while. 
But on the other hand I am quite content in my little corner of the world and maybe that's just it; Maybe that's just what I don't need, to be content or having become a stay-at-home. 
It is what it is, it has become a very small world indeed, your own little (very safe) corner of the world. For now it's all I need or want and are content with. 

Just a calm excistance is nice. Not the hectic life with a lot of stress I once had. I find that stress does weird things with my body. I get more tiny seizures of epilepsy if there's been a stressful period. So avoiding stress and being in my own little corner of the world is just right, right now. 


© KH 

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Anonymous said...

Hi lassie... Beautiful photos again. Of course, as it's you that makes them. :)
In your garden I spotted Ganesh. Found this for you:
You can also honour him and he will certainly help you:
Hope this will help you to feel better in your self and in your lovely little and safe corner of our world. Blessed Be, Kati.