Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Don't give in to fear

The world is a scary place. As a child I always was safe, protected by my loving parents, nothing could harm me. They would always have my back. Of course I saw things on the news of the world outside my home which were troublesome and things to worry about. Sometimes my own world wasn't even that happy; I got bullied as a teen. Mum said I could also be down from time to time, sometimes I still am but don't we all have things in our lives that can bring us down?
But all in all I had a happy childhood. I even thought I was having a happy life with (now) ex as well after I moved out my parent's home. I married, got two boys and life was good for a while. Until it wasn't anymore.

It is all behind me and I have moved on but the thing is, should you move on from things that hurt you without a glance back? Or can you look back from time to time and think about it? Shouldn't you just learn from your history by looking back?
First I felt protected by my parents, later ex, now I'm the parent who needs to do the protecting. I can't help but feel pretty helpless in this nasty world. With these terrorist attacks going on I can't help but feel helpless if the boys go to parties and festivals. What if... ? I know you can't live your life that way. Those cowardice acts from people who are fighting a battle they themselves have lost sight off I imagine can't determine how I am to live my daily life. I will not live in fear because of it. I will not be angry at the world or at people for it. I will not live in hate like some people in this world do.

Some people were yelling to close borders on Social Media yesterday, or that all Islam should be stopped. Those people are ignorant and really have to look back at history.
I feel for Muslims these days who don't have anything to do with terrorism and who need to be afraid to live in this world. They get the blame too when they don't have anything to do with it. In my town alone the Syrian refugees who got a permit to stay and a house to stay in need to fear for their lives. Their neighbours have thrown stones into the windows of the house wrecking it, saying they have different morals and values. Well, throwing stones wrecking a place is a nice way of showing that.

I fear for this world we're living in. Some right extremists are yelling hate which other people who don't think for themselves will repeat. You only have to switch on the news to follow the American elections, or in our own country where the right winged people scream too to close the borders.
Closing a society is exactly what IS wants! Why are we doing just that? We need to go on with our lives, not give in to terrorism!

Spread love, not hate! It still is one round planet we all share.
One people, one planet!

© KH

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