Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Being Social on Social Media

There used to be a time or at least that is my perception of it; that our country (the Netherlands) was a tolerant country. We were known for our tolerance world wide even. Nowadays with the refugee crisis and social media you really think we've all been the total opposite and not only we Dutch, the whole world is behaving like madmen especially on Social Media! Why is it that when it comes to 'being social' people are the most unsocial they can get?

I am using Facebook and Twitter and of course my blog. I have found online friends via Twitter and other social media that I would never have found elsewhere. I can really say it's my social boost of each day. Every day I talk to my friends on Twitter from all over the world. I have even met some of them in real life and they have become the best of friends. Even my hub I met online through a forum. Nothing wrong with that.
But I have seen a lot of comments from people who think they just are allowed to say just about anything just because they don't tweet/post under their own name.
Shouldn't there be some sort of Social Media etiquette on how to behave? I think you should have proper manners just as in real life where you don't go and call every one names as well but perhaps that's just me.

The same applies for what you put on your Social Media accounts like Facebook or Twitter under your real name. What if you post your silly holiday pictures drunk as a skunk and apply for that dream job a year later? What do you think your boss is going to do before hiring your? Right, he is going to Facebook and Google you! What does he see? The drunk pictures. Goodbye dream job!
Yesterday there was an item on the news here about a mum in England who was angry about her 12 year old son who had bullied a girl at school. She had put her anger about it on Facebook tagging her son for the world to see and doesn't think there is anything wrong with it. But what if he is older and wants that dream job and his future boss Facebooks him? Thank you mum for not handling it yourself but thinking the world had to see all that!

Social Media is meant to be social, or as the Dictionary says it; Social - Relating to or designed for activities in which people meet each other for pleasure.
Pleasure people! Not knocking eachother about verbally!
Some actors or singers have even suspended their accounts because of the harasments.
I hate bullying; this is just grown ups bullying on Social media just because they are anonymous.

Let's all make this world a bit better starting with ourselves. If you don't have anything nice to say; don't say anything at all.

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Daan (Dan) said...

maybe it's a good thing to bear in mind that not everyone is like you, not everyone has your standards...

and maybe a lot of people have in real life, but find that relative anonymity of Social Media a blessing, giving them somewhere to 'release' a side of themselves that wouldn't normally come out, they'd be too busy hiding that side of themselves, too scared to be seen as horrible... i don't condone that, but i understand... as western humans beings we spend an awful lot of energy on suppressing feelings, and places like Facebook and Twitter are perfect for venting spleens...

and maybe more people than we realise are idiots, who wouldn't normally be heard/seen, and now get blown out of all proportion...

Kati H said...

I think the last part Daan. I can't believe so many people are behaving like morons these days just because it's 'fun'. I don't think it's just my standards as well either. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, you Great Wise One!~:)). That's how I do see you, Kate. So don't say you're not.

Looking at the different forums, message boards etc, I believe that just a small number of people is willingly and on purpose trying to scare other people with horrible stories as well as deliberately blame the refugees for a lot of things happening. The most important things that most refugees are muslim. This small group of people are goading others with the nasty and creepy stories about the religion being one that preaches violence. They kind-a ape the right wing politicians everywhere in Europe that is trying to win votes and importantce by blaming a lot of bad things on these people. Yes, there are criminals amongst them. And stupid people who refuse to understand that another country isn't like their home country. The relatively small number of crimes committed by also rather small percentage of men (mostly young men) is not representative for all refugees. However, it is only that, what is seen, read and heard by people in Europe. A growing number of people are getting scared of these refugees in their sheer numbers. The fear and the worry are real. We cannot dismiss them. But we must be careful not to be dragged into this as well. Some people get really agressive and sometimes violent towards refugees. Even small children. I mysef, do no longer try to convince people that the majority is not to be feared at all but they will no longer listen to me. Or to anyone else saying the same things. At's almost a stalemate. When I encounter refugees I try to be civil, polite, helpful and friendly. Sofar that seems to be the best I can do and the response is usually good, or at least polite. I cannot tell sometimes how they really feel.

Gattina said...

Unfortunately you can't change the world, they behave bad in real life and even worse online I think it has to do with their IQ !

Kati H said...

Elidir, You're right but I'm not solely talking about refugees here. It's just about everything that they blow up. I'm on Twitter a lot and follow some actors and singers and more and more are leaving because of it sadly. inspiring people (Stephen Fry) just because they can't stand the bullying.

Gattina, you're probably right there... ;)

Anonymous said...

And you are right too, Kate. It seems people are changing into something that really scares me. They seem irascible, very quickly upset, ugly and agressive. And above all: angry. Very angry. Sometimes for no reason at all. Some people attack others for no apparent reason. This morning I hear a pregnant woman ended up in hospital after being beaten and abused by a man. They were both walking their dogs in a park. There seems to be fear she can still lose the baby. What happened? A row over dogs that should be on a leash? This brave man ran off afterwards. He's a proper hero, ain't he just this man is. Hopeless coward of course. It seems to becoming 'normal'? Probably, I am too old to understand this. ;)