Monday, 11 January 2016


It's a sad day today. Another hero has past away. David Bowie or David Robert Jones as his real name was, died after 18 months of cancer. It was a shock to me to hear it this morning. I've always admired him, listened to his music, grew up with him really. The film Labyrinth is one of my old time favourites.
I've even been to his Sound and Vision tour when he was in the Netherlands.

There are a few moments in your life when you feel like this; when an icon, a legend dies and you know for a long time where you were at the moment you heard of his or hers passing.
I had it when Freddie Mercury died. I was working in a horrible job at a store with an even more horrible boss when I was on a break and heard the news. I couldn't stop crying.
When Lady Di died I was at my parent's house just getting ready to pack up two small kids to go to an amusment park. All I wanted to do was sit in front of the tv all day and watch the awfull truth but I couldn't spoil their day.
And this morning; I was just finishing breakfast when the DJ of my favourite morning show was telling us David Bowie had died.

It's the shock really; not the fact that someone you admire has died, but how suddenly they have died. Not knowing they have fallen ill and that it's coming. Everyone has to die, but not seeing it coming is what devastates you.
Bowie has celebrated his 69 birthday with a new album. One on which he is singing about his demise. Where he is singing that he is in heaven, that he is dying. That should have given it away right there and yet... it still was/is a shock. It always will if a legend is leaving us.
Here's a thought; the more of these music heroes leave us the more we are being left with the Justin Biebers of this music world... Isn't that a terrifying thought?

David Bowie has closed those gorgeous two coloured eyes. Heroes aren't supposed to die but then again heroes never really do...

© KH


Daan (Dan) said...

thankfully we have his legacy to keep coming back to...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kati. Beautiful said. The carillonneur of the DOM in Utrecht plaid music by Bowie on the carillon and so did the carillonneur of the Rotterdam Town Hall. People in the street were pleasantly surprised when they heard MAJOR TOM in Rotterdam. Although it is very sad that this versatile man has died, he did leave us wonderful art and music. Pity that the exhibition in Groningen, David Bowie is.. , is too far away for me. Maybe it is possible to find the item on the website of Radio Rijnmond.

Anonymous said...

Found it: