Monday, 21 December 2015

The Silent Majority

In every country there is a silent majority. The loud minority speaks up more it seems or they get more attention. Maybe loudness sells more newspapers. You see it in America with Trump, or in our country with the refugees who are being placed in asylum centres too big for most towns.
There is a saying in Dutch 'Onbekend maakt onbemind' Unknown makes unloved. What we don't know scares us. The loud minority screams at the announcement of another asylum centre that the refugees are terrorists, that the men are going to rape all the women and more of these unfound accusations. People follow other people in fear not thinking straight anymore. Fear does strange things to people; they are throwing illegal firework bombs at the police to make their point across. Who's the terrorist now?

People protesting with violence against the police last week
If people are fleeing from their homes because they are not safe there, only to come in a country where all of a sudden 'normal' people who have everything their hearts desire, are screaming and fighting just to make their twisted point across, imagine how they must feel. We are supposed to be living in a civilised country.
I really feel ashamed sometimes when I see people reacting the way they do about refugees. No they are not here to take our jobs away. Yes of course they have a phone why shouldn't they have one? They came from a very rich country after all which they did not want to leave but where forced to! What would you take if you were forced to leave? You're phone for one thing right? I would!

Everytime those screaming, protesting people are in the news they say everyone is against refugees coming to live here. Everyone; so even the silent majority. They didn't ask me if I were against it.
They didn't ask the silent majority who thinks we should help them.
Maybe it is time to stop being silent. Maybe it is time we took a step forward and spoke up; You are not screaming for me, You are not speaking for me! Leave those people alone! They've been through enough! It's one world we all share, we should start to learn to live together and help whoever needs helping!

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A van de Aa said...

Wil je, en die je lief zijn, fijne feestdagen wensen.

Kati H said...

dank je A jij ook hele fijne dagen gewenst