Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Thou shalt not kill

After the terrorist attacks on Paris last Friday everyone is talking about it. What to do, how to react, can we still go out and do the things we love like going to concerts and games? Last night the football match Germany-the Netherlands was cancelled because of a threat. Is it still safe? Most people even the ones who have lost loved ones are saying they are not letting IS terrorise them further, they will not respond in hate.

Those terrorist say they do this out of God's name. God has made mankind in his image, if you believe this kind of thing. There would never be any kind of God who would allow his image to be shot to pieces simply because some choose to interpret what is written in some book ages ago, in an other way as other people.
Whether you read the Bible, Koran or Torah, in all of them it says;
Thou shalt not kill.
So how can they justify these killings for themselves? How can they live with themselves? How is it that in their minds the 'thou shalt not kill' has turned into 'thou can kill the ones that have another believe?' God or Allah or Jaweh or whatever you would call your god, would sit there on his cloud shaking his head saying he had not meant it like this.

The Pope has asked everyone to pray for the victems and their families. You see a lot 'Pray for Paris' signs. Of course everyone's thoughts are with Paris, or with Lebanon for that matter where IS have killed a lot of people as well the day before the Paris killings. But is it going to stop the terrorism? Is the bombing on Syria going to stop it? Is an eye for an eye stopping it?
What I'm afraid of is that the Muslims already living here are going to get the blame while they're not the ones to blame! That the refugees are being blamed while they were fleeing from IS for this very reason!
I'm hoping that the people will unite against terrorism and against hate. That finally we will show them they can hurt us but they cannot break us.
The Dalai Lama put it this way; 'So let us work for peace within our families and society, and not expect help from God, Buddha or the governments," he said.
Well put. Let's try to not give in to hate and focus only on peace. We are one people. One world.

Or as this man put it on the death of his wife;

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