Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The end of comfort zones is overrated.... or is it?

We are the author of our own lives or at least we could be. Sometimes life just happens beyond our control. The happily ever after you were seeking was just right there at your grasp. If only you dared to take it, take the risk, take that control or if only that person wouldn't have taken over. Blaming someone else for your own mistakes is ever so easy to do. We are letting that person take over or do we?

But is that the real truth or what we believe ourselves to be the truth?
Do we fool ourselves every day by looking in the wrong mirror? The one with the false image of what life really is. Are we deluding ourselves time and again? Or give ourselves false hope? Do we wish upon that star for Prince Charming only to get the wicked witch in the end? If we look in that mirror what do we see? Hope? True love? Or delusion and despair?

What if we were to write our own stories without interference from anyone else, from the outside world, from that picture of how we are supposed to be or better yet; from the fears created by our own minds; how would that story then turn out to be? Would we blossom, would we risk everything for that one dream; or would we still live our everyday life, go with the flow of every day, day in day out, week in week out.
Would we dare to stand out in a crowd, be different, choose different? If we could do it all over again, would we live our lives the same? Or better yet; what if money wasn't an option, what if we could be whatever, whenever; would we? Do we have it in us to be something or someone else, do something completely different than what we are doing right now? In short; would we dare to be who we want to be? It's really all about stepping out of our comfort zone. It's easy to tell people life starts where your comfort zone ends but it's not that easy to do, is it?

We are told not to step out, not to be different, to mind the neighbours even, walk in a straight line like everyone else. It's how a lot of us has been raised. How difficult is it to change that! How hard is it to change into our true self! Money aside (which is even harder because everything needs money these days) if we want to become someone closer to our true self; someone who wants to explore the world, help others, help ourselves along the way, we will have to leave a lifetime behind. Leave our past life and/or people. Are we willing to do just that?

The end of comfort zones is sometimes overrated.
Sometimes staying inside ones comfort zone can be very... well comforting. And maybe just maybe one day that day will come where we will find that courage to dip that toe outside our comfort zone and feel how it is on the outside. Taking babysteps. Not everyone is brave enough to plunge ahead and wade through immediately.

One day...

© KH

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