Thursday, 17 September 2015

Treasures of Britain; Lewis

Lewis is the largest and most northern island in the Outer Hebrides, home to one of the best prehistoric sites in Scotland, and some fabulous beaches.
The main hub on Lewis is Stornoway, the largest settlement on the Outer Hebrides. Stornoway is home to the An Lanntair Arts Centre as well as Harris Tweed and jewellery outlets, the Lews Loom Centre and the soon to be re-opened Lews Castle, a heritage museum and archives.

Along the north west coast there are also lots of crafting and fishing villages, with Ness at the top. Considered to be a Gaelic stronghold, the headland at Ness juts out into the Atlantic Ocean.

No trip to Lewis would be complete without visiting the famous standing stones at Callanais, a fascinating group of nearly 50 megaliths dating from around 3000 BC. The Arnol Blackhouse is a preserved example of the many blackhouses that lie deserted on the island.

The west coast has brilliant beaches, while much of the island is made up of peat bog, the favoured habitat of a variety of rare breeding birds. The Butt of Lewis, the far northerly tip of the island, is home to many seabirds, and is an excellent spot for watching whales, dolphins and porpoises.

The stunning scenery and unique heritage of Lewis combine to make an inspiring landscape for both local and visiting artists. The communities of Lewis and Harris hold inspiring events, exhibitions and programmes to harness this creativity and have won a 2015 Creative Place Award in recognition of their exceptional contributions to Scotland’s cultural scene.

Stornoway Harbour

  Callanish Standing Stones Isle Of Lewis

 Stone Age Carloway Broch

15th century church on Lewis

Mangersta Sea Stacks

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Gattina said...

How beautiful ! real stunning ! I wished I could see this once in my life !

Kati H said...

Me too Gattina, I've never been there and it's still on my list! :)

Anonymous said...

It's on mine now too, Kati. It's breath takingly beautiful. Thank you.